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Security for companies – automatic, contactless, mobile



AirID is a combined card reader and ID badge holder. It uses 256-bit encryption to ensure secure data transfers and Bluetooth low energy technology for a wireless connection to your smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC. In companies where a public key infrastructure (PKI) is already in place, employees can continue to use their customary ID badges. Users like AirID because it’s discreet; it looks just like an ID badge holder. You can carry an AirID together with your company ID badge at all times. And in contrast to conventional card readers, the smart card remains in the reader all the time.

Connect your AirID to all your devices



Internal corporate data has to be handled especially sensitively. AirID allows you to encrypt data on your mobile devices as well as your PC. To do this, the connection between AirID and the respective device (laptop, PC, smartphone, tablet) only has to be set up once. All the necessary security processes take place automatically “in the background”. Using AirID is therefore straightforward and that makes it easier to use the PKI smart card, which turns AirID into an inconspicuous companion with a big impact.




AirID gives you full access control



Another potential application for AirID is out-of-range logout. The Bluetooth low energy connection between AirID and a PC or mobile device enables contactless, automatic logout – not so much as a mouse-click. As with a distance meter, AirID blocks access to the device as soon as a certain distance is exceeded.

AirID – discreet and easy to use



With the size and look of an ID badge, AirID becomes simply just another everyday object. Besides exploiting the security functions, you can also use your AirID as a handy ID badge holder. You carry your company ID with you in the usual way. The badge fits completely in the badge slot and is fully visible through the transparent housing. The AirID weighs less than 50 g and can therefore be comfortably carried on a yo-yo badge holder or lanyard.




AirID as secure ID medium



RFID (radio frequency identification) technology enables electronic timekeeping or access and entry checks. AirID supports this technology. The smart card doesn’t even need to be removed from the AirID. So you can use your card in the usual way, e.g. to open doors (with appropriate authentication).

Man with AirID Central iOS App and AirID Device

AirID gives you mobile security

for your PIM functions



Personal information management (PIM) encompasses the organisation of calendars, contacts, documents, e-mails and tasks. AirID supports the standard PIM functionality of existing products from other manufacturers. So secure encryption of internal company information is guaranteed.

The high security standard enables not only an encrypted data exchange, but also secure surfing – inside and outside the company! AirID lets you use your equipment without worries, even when sending sensitive messages and exchanging confidential, internal corporate data.

Your benefits at a glance

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You can use your PKI card in the usual way


A very high encryption standard for your internal corporate data


Straightforward integration into the corporate infrastructure


Wireless, secure connection to all Bluetooth-compatible equipment (tablet, smartphone, PC, laptop, etc.)


Access to equipment is blocked automatically once the AirID exceeds a certain distance from the equipment (out-of-range logout)

One reader for all platforms



Windows, BlackBerry and iOS – AirID works with all of them!

So the choice of operating system is up to you. The automatic out-of-range logout works on all platforms and represents the crucial difference between AirID and other card readers: move too far away from your equipment while carrying your AirID and access to the equipment is automatically blocked. The PKI smart card and the AirID always remain in the safest place – on you!




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